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Creative Designing Agency

We’re creatively ingenious and technically expert, but a hard-working website needs more. It needs web designers with commercial and strategic sense – people who understand what you want to achieve, and who know how to achieve it.

Consumer Research

We immerse ourselves into your business goals, competitive analysis to know who you are.

Brand Name

We create creative names that brings more brand attention, engagement, and better impact.

Brand Posting

We design and produce marketing collateral and assets to support any type of business.

Brand Strategy

We build a bulletproof brand strategy, with clarity, confidence and all-notable brand focus.

Brand Design

We sketch and illustrate our initial thoughts to deliver digital art, typography, and image.

Brand Audits

We help businesses create big ideas that inspire audiences and engage their customers.

Brand Identity

We fuse creativity with commercial awareness to form an identity with emotional impact.

Brand Management

We develop a management strategy that helps the brand you have developed in right order.

Website Development

We develop simple websites to the most complex applications that runs organizations.

Website Design

We have rich designing and technical capabilities that help in fast loading creative websites.

E-commerce Websites

We can help you develop e-commerce solutions that will achieve unprecedented growth.

Responsive Website

We build websites which resize the content & eliminate coding with multiple interfaces.

Wordpress Websites

We design websites for start-ups, small to mid-size businesses and market their brands.

Web Banners

We create ads that can drive a good traffic to your website with the help of a unique ideas.

UI/UX Design

We use research, strategy, and design to create interactive and engaging user experiences.

Website Redesign

We redesign your website, and our primary goal is to improve your business visibility.

Logo Design

We design & drive the logo concepts, which will match brands message and its purpose.

Packaging Design

We give your ingenious product an eloquent tone, the ‘Shelf-Shout’ that builds up your brand.

Bill Boards

We give the power of “first impression” and “impulse response” which will work for your brand.

Print Design

We design print materials which will suit offset, screen, digital, and tampon printing for your brand.

Event Design

We craft and design every detail to create events that fully immerse guest and ensures your message.

Poster Design

We design posters which will beyond imagination to brighten up the streets they use every day.

Ad Design

We tap into a core proposition and offers an engaging advertisement, that reason to buy into a brand.

Infographic Design

We embrace comprehensive research techniques, explore data in designing a compelling infographic.

Pre Design

We analyze the requirements of the project in order to recommend the best approach to meet both business and user goals.

App Strategy

We help you to take stock of new app ideas or existing apps providing clarity and guidance to move forward.

App Research

We study competing brands and analyze their key messages, promotional tactics, channels of distribution.

User Experience

We bring your app to reality, keep in mind one important element and that is, effective UX design understanding of user needs.

UI Experience

We take the micro to ensure it is optimized to benefit the user; like buttons, icons and features and more.


We validate your ideas and concepts with your prospective users before investing time and money in the development stage.

Wearable Design

We design wearable device apps that fit your brand, meet market needs, look sleek, and feel effortless.

Product Testing

We’ll be tapping and swiping until every last bug is fixed. We’ll make sure that your mobile app is in top shape.

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At the Coltfox – Creative Designing Agency that ensures the requirements' analysis, quality assurance, and project management. We have all the expertise you need to produce a fully- fledged, stable and scalable brand design.

Why Choose Us

Creative Ideas

As we’re an integrated agency, there’s no limit to how that idea can be expressed. We’ll use whichever channels of communication work best to bring your idea to life. The right idea, the one that encapsulates your strategy in the most compelling way will anchor your communication.

Creating Clarity

We’ll analyse the insight we’ve received, and the challenges it reveals. By doing so we can start to develop a strategy simplifying things, making sense of things and defining the direction we should go in.

Creating Understanding

We built around different structures and are controlled by different personalities. We interrogate, interview and research. Most importantly we listen until we understand. And then we might ask some more questions. We can start to develop a strategy to simplifying things for better work.


We’ve developed the format over many years, and it consists of a number of exercises that help us get under the surface of your business and hear the information first hand. We break through the marketing talk, ask you a lot of questions, make a lot of notes and then report work plan.


We aim to produce designs that are unique, forward thinking and representative of you and your business. Once we’re happy (and we can be a fussy bunch) we present these ideas for feedback. We want to work with our clients and for them to be part of the creative process.


Whether we deliver a complex brand strategy, develop a website or design a promotional flyer, we do it with care! We ensure timelines are met, budgets are considered and the quality is nothing but 100%. We work closely as a team and, where projects encompass brand design.

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