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We are a full service creative web and mobile design and development agency that provides strategy, design, and development assistance to help our clients create awesome applications. Our team of developers, designers, and strategists serves internationally.

iPhone App

We provide perfect iPhone application that can turn a raw app idea into a successful app.

iPad App

We develop top iPad application that can add value to your business, and your users’ lives.

Android App

We use the latest technology and industry experience, to provide full-stack android application.

Mobile Web

We have a skilled development team, who provides apps with a user-friendly experience.

Mobile Game

We create realistic experiences for players, that take them to the new world of gaming.

Cross Platform

We have expertise in creating multi-platform mobile app for both Android & iOS devices.

Wearable App

We clearly understand the role mobile apps play in connecting the devices to the internet.


We provide technical support and delivering the app which meets the client's expectations.


We’ll quickly unearth the nitty gritty of your goals, to ensure your app makes a big splash.

Rapid Prototyping

We will demonstrate in brief how your app, and your vision, will function in the real world.

iOS Development

We develop for the world’s most coveted iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, & iWatch.

Android Development

We develop apps that brings people closer to the products, content, and the digital experiences.

Hybrid Development

We provide flexible and multi-faceted apps, using web-based HTML5/JavaScript skills.

Native Framework

We leverage your existing HTML5 skills to provide a single codebase across all devices.

Usability Testing

We ensure all the pages and functions of the application is working and active to launch.

User Validation

We introduce you to our hand-picked roster of experts from press to videos, we’ve got you covered.


We build your amazing idea by protecting your privacy with a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


We work with market research and an in-depth analysis to make sure you are a winner.


We take you through all steps, including the ways that you can make money with your App.


We fully document how we will build your app, timelines, and cost in a specification of work.


We draw the wireframes of app screens as per the SOW so that the exact flow of the app is mapped.


User Interface and User Experience is vital. So we use our incredible design team to bring your app to life.


We have reached the build stage, and our technical team takes over ensuring you get the best development.


We send the build application for approval with Apple and upload to Android to launch.


This is where our expert strategists will challenge assumptions and overhaul business plans.


We ensure that all the designs a particular screen, button, icon, or logo are in synchronized.


We take your initial concept and merge it with everything. We turn ideas into actual products.


We make sure app name is available, and ensuring every app gets through Apple’s notoriously process.


We have built a robust network of in-house and partner marketing experts to market your App.


We offer packages that cover everything from the occasional check-up to ongoing feature expansions.


We provide contracts and supporting papers are signed and we are ready to build your App.


No successful app stays without updates –, so we make sure you don’t get left behind.

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At the Coltfox – As the leading Creative App Development and Design Agency. We design and develop out-of-the-box mobile apps that get featured over Apple and Google stores. Our team builds amazing iOS and Android apps for your start-up and enterprise business based on custom needs, starting from planning till monetization.

Why Choose Us

Missing Plans

Together with our clients, we create a plan that removes assumptions from the process and sets us up for mutual success. We include KPIs, stakeholder input, competition research, and other crucial influencers. We pull together what is known and research the unknown. And in the end, the information we reveal guides the strategy and tactics we need to accomplish the mission ahead.

Missing Design

Our design process untangles the big, hairy messes that prevent an effortless user experience. First, we map out the architecture and necessary user flows. Next, we begin low-fidelity sketches and wireframes of how content is presented and how interactions function. We then move into high-fidelity visuals. We are meticulous in our craft. Each pixel and every interaction matters.

Missing Build

It’s now time to bring our work to life in code. We use an agile development process to ensure efficient delivery and continuous improvement of code. We begin with a front-end, open- source framework such as Foundation or Bootstrap. And then handcraft every feature, interaction, and animation. Finally, we ensure the website is responsive on device types and at every resolution.

Missing Launch

Here’s where our planning pays off. Here’s where we push our code live, walk you through the platform, and hand off any assets or documentation. We often continue our partnership after a project is live. We can continue to deliver value by applying our iterative cycle of “Create, Measure, Learn.” We will run tests, follow analytics, and gather user feedback to continue to improve the effectiveness and performance of our work.

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